May 22, 2011

A Little Inspiration.

So today watching YouTube I discovered a channel name Those Girls Are Wild. They had a video reviewing a book written by Sherry Argov named Why Men Marry Bitches. Instantly I got captured in their energy and way of speaking. Shannon got my attention the most. I loved her vibe and how she carried herself. Me and her also have very similar interest when it comes to writing, photography, etc. I checked out her photography website and got instantly inspired. Here's the link by the way,  here :). She posted a video on their YouTube channel that described her journey to success at the moment. One of the topics in the video was to start a list of things that you need or want to accomplish. I've heard plenty of times before that putting your goals on paper makes them a little more of a reality. Here's her journey video and also my list of things I want to have by this time next year.
  • Get a decent paying job.
  • Buy a professional camera to begin doing photojournalism and also freelance photography experience.
  • Purchase and iPad or Nook.
  • Buy a MacBook Pro and download all necessary programs for my photography. 
  • Become involved in some kind of fashion or journalist club at school. 
  • Create and build a vision board. 
  • Continue to expand my blog and include more features on it, ex. interviews. 
  • Keep my GPA up to par.
  • Buy a flip camera to start a YouTube blog as well. 
  • Train myself to THRIFT STORE SHOP. Sounds exciting and worth it. 
  • Master my main interest which are writing and public relations. 
  • Come in tact with my talents and educate myself on them.
  • Learn French :) YAY! 
  • Travel. 
Now here's the video!

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