Jun 17, 2011

Experiencing a Dry Nail Spell?

Today I got suggested to check out a nail polish top coat named "Seche Vite". Now we've all came in counter with top coats that never work. But looking at the reviews of this one suggest to me that it actually works. Doing research on it I ran across a blog that actually had a lot of sample photos of the shiny finish. Check it out!

I can tell the difference in the polish. It actually glows. This product is available at numerous drug and beauty supplies stores. Retail starting at about 5$.  


Miss Black Book said...

GREAT !!!!! i loved the suggestion !! now following you....xoxo

Coco said...

Thanks for the great suggestion!

If you follow my blog and comment saying you did, I'll follow yours back xoxo


Kristina said...

Wow, I might need to invest in this! Great post!


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