Jun 15, 2011

Lipstick Dilemma.

Okay guys so I've been purchasing lipsticks/lipgloss looking for the perfect nude/goldish color and I keep failing! Colors are tending to look way better online, then when they actually get on my lips they look too bland or too wild. So here's the lipsticks/gloss that I purchased so far...
MAC fresh brew. 
This one turned out to be unnoticeable! Maybe it's too close to my skin tone or I need to pair it with another color? If you guys have any tips on this one help me out!
NYX - Taupe. 
First off I didn't like the oily/glossy feel to the gloss. Then the color came out looking white! No Bueno.
Bare mineral -Sugar Cookie.
This one had a nice glitter in it but don't know about the color. Just not the goldish tone I was looking for. 
NYX - Honey
Lastly I tried this one.. sigh. This came out clumpy and soooooo dry! No color. It looked like a pasty white. And when I applied it the actually stick broke in half! 

So with these reviews can anyone suggest me to a nice nude-goldish color ? I'm sick of investing money and wasting it!


M3llo Yellow said...

nice blog :)

Anonymous said...

I have that MAC lipsick in Fresh Brew too. Try coating it with a lighter colored lipgloss.


B' Moure said...

Will try. Thanks Cortnie!

Nick said...

just dropped in to say great blog. Love the top pic of YSL lipstick.
Am following you and would be great if you could take a look at my blog and follow back
Nick x

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