May 27, 2011

What Do Women Really Want In A Relationship?

sRelationships are not a easy things for both parties. But both people should know that before even entering this companionship. Usually the men are dominant, and the females are supportive. These are things that society has trained us to act like simply because of our gender alone. But why do men go into relationships thinking women are so complicated? Women need the simplest things in relationships to satisfy them. I won't go into detail about every one of these things...that's for another day. What I will speak on is validation. For those of you who may not exactly know what it is, validation, when speaking in terms of psychology, is wanting a place to fit in. When this applies to relationships it means women just want to know where we stand in your life. It's never a good thing when you tell a woman you care for her, but on the other hand you show completely different signs. It needs to be shown. You saying "Baby I love you", but yet flirting with other women every date that y'all go on is not validation. Why is it so hard to say one thing and do that one thing? Men in this case make it complicated. Most women will tell you she wants and loves you then will turn around and show you why she does. But see, if a female does this then she is labeled as emotional and weak. But if a man does it he is labeled as a man. Simply that. He doesn't lose points for lying. He just makes up more excuses of why he did it.
I have trust issues. The infamous line I know 90% of the women reading this has heard. Why? Because men use this as an escape goat to get out of being committed. Your probably thinking why does he tell me this every time things get serious? Because he doesn't want to get serious. Take off the rose colored glasses and peep out the situation ladies! If a man really wants and loves you he will put aside all his old dusty girlfriends and take a chance on you. If he wants to keep you around and use you, he suddenly can't commit because he has trust issues. This bumps head with validation once again. If he has "trust issues" you feel like your not good enough or maybe there is someone. Which there probably is. Most men have told me that if they are single, it's a slim to none chance that they will commit to 'talking' to one girl. There is so much I could write about on this issues. Maybe I'll continue it later. Post your opinions on anything I said!

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