Jul 2, 2011

Color Blocking Started A Long Time Ago?

So today on my phone I randomly started watching VEVO videos. I came across Common's video 'Come Close" and noticed his color blocking outfit. The colors resembled those of a Jamaican flag. This video was released in 2002. It's funny how some trends repeat themselves..

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Kimberly said...

Hey Alisa,

Awesome blog - I found you via IFB on one of the discussion posts! This is a really interesting entry on colorblocking. I really like the trend, I'm a sucker for vibrant colors. I love the magenta shirt! =D Although I've never seen that movie before!

I'm following you via google =D I'd really appreciate it if you could stop by and maybe check out/follow my blog? =D

xoxo can't wait to read more!

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